Kamal Nadan

Kamal Nadan grew up in Fiji. Back in those days, the Bible College students in Fiji were supposed to go out in the village and share the Gospel. One of the students came to his house and invited him to catch up with him every Friday. As they were catching up together on every Friday he started to share the good news with Kamal. Kamal was really convicted with the scriptures that he was sharing with him, admitting that he was a sinner and it was only through Christ he would be saved. (John 3:16-17) From that point, he started attending youth group, discipleship class, and Church. Since then never looking back.

He decided to take further studies at the Bible College and committed himself to serve at the local Church. He became an Elder in Fiji and was given the opportunity to lead the Church service, disciple youths, and preach the Word of God at the local Churches.

He and his wife (Sharon) moved to Australia in 2007 and joined Grace Community Bible Church in 2010. God has blessed them with two sons.