Suresh David

Suresh was brought up in a Christian home where it was the norm to go to church and have regular evening devotions and prayers. When he reached his teenage years he began to thirst to seek God. God helped him to find the true meaning of being born again in his mid 30’s. When he committed himself to the Lord (acknowledging that he is a sinner and that Christ had died for his sins on the cross) his life changed. He was baptised and his walk with the Lord became stronger and closer. Reading the Bible became about learning God’s word rather than a chore.

He is blessed with his wife Prameela, three children and a son- in-law who are all walking with the Lord.

Suresh became an elder of GCBC in 2014. He encourages people with the testimony of how God had blessed him. Suresh also leads the Sunday morning prayer meeting with Graeme Campbell, and prays that this will become a praying church for the glory of the almighty God.