It’s fair to say that there are few people in human history who have had as great an impact on our world as Jesus of Nazareth. This carpenter’s son, from an obscure backwater town in the Middle East has stirred up more controversy and changed more lives than any other single person in history.


Perhaps you came to our site by accident?
Perhaps a friend sent you here?
Perhaps you met someone on the street who gave you a pamphlet?

Whatever brought you here, we are glad you came because the person of Jesus fascinates us too. He has had a profound impact in our lives, so much so that our whole existence has been changed. Jesus might have been a carpenter’s son, but he made claims that were so much greater than that. He claimed to be the very creator of the universe who had taken to himself a human body and come into this world to rescue us from judgement.

That’s a pretty significant boast. You probably need some pretty compelling evidence to back up that claim.

So is it true?
Was this Jesus just a carpenter’s son or someone so much more?
Did he come to rescue us from judgement?
What does this mean for you and how you live your life?
Does it make a difference?

These are all questions that must be answered and for now, I’m not going to try and answer them here. I just want to make you curious so that you will be motivated to find the answers, and of course, we are here to help.

There is nothing more important in this life than what you believe about Jesus.

If he is God, it changes everything.